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Workshops and Webinars


Workshops are designed with a purpose of promoting growth, education and awareness in the community, organization or a local business. The intent is to increase the professional knowledge, skills and competence in the area of mental health. The workshops are organized to gain understanding for addressing personal mental health challenges as well as those who the audience would come in contact with. 

Currently there is the list of workshops that have been requested and presented in the community. If your business or an organization would like to request a topic to be presented from a psychological or neuroscientific point of view, we are able to create one that would address the needs and the information you are looking for. 

Thinking Man on Couch
Become Trauma Informed

Allow the Dormant Parts of Self Flourish

Recognize the present, identify the past, create your future:

  • Understanding the emotional injury

  • Types of trauma

  • Lingering symptoms

  • Trauma in the nervous system

  • 3-step trauma resolution plan 

  • Trauma toolbox 

Stressed Woman
Take Charge of Stress

Take Charge of Your Life

Get your life on track. A guide to transforming your day  from stress to balance:

  • Types of stress

  • Normal vs toxic stress

  • The brain on stress

  • Taking charge of stress

  • Coping strategies

  • Balanced mindset

Stang-up Meeting
Interpersonal Communication Skills

Become People Smart

Learn ways to interact, communicate and relate to others:

  • Speak so people listen

  • Develop trust with ease

  • Express empathy

  • Decode body language

  • Build a great rapport

  • Be more likable

The workshops are available in a half-day, full-day, evening or lunch format. Choose from an in-person to an online professional Zoom platform.

The purpose for the webinars is to provide addition training, education and empowerment to professional or individuals. These are intended for personal use only and they are FREE of charge.

Manage Anxiety

Recognizing anxiety and creating a personal guide to exceptional mental health

Manage Misbehaviour

Get insight to why children misbehave and gain clarity of how to move toward healthy relationship and respect

Relational Secrets

Learn the secrets of how to reverse years of bitterness and mistrust and transform the relationship you are in

Activate Yourself

Rediscover yourself.

Get clarity in your goals and values

Release Limiting Beliefs

Identify what is holding you back and rest your life for success

Beat Procrastination

Learn how to press the reset button and move toward achieving your goals and dreams

Top 4 Anxiety Strategies

Evidence-Based, Science- endorsed, result-oriented strategies for managing anxiety

Top 3 Depression Strategies

CBT - based role playing strategies to help your clients crush their negative thoughts

Top 5 Secrets of Discipline

Get a fast start on discipline matters with kids. Save your time, energy and regain peace.

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