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How a Small Decision Can Turn Your Life Around

Updated: Oct 22, 2020

Have you ever felt stuck, scared and unable to move forward in life? That sounds familiar to so many. Some of us like just to jump in no matter what the ride is like. Others, on the other hand, take a long time to decide about the next step in life. They procrastinate waiting just for the right moment, right opportunity, right setting. This overthinking process can steal ones joy, passion and prevent the person from reaching their full potential.

What is the remedy for procrastination? The answer is one small mindful decision toward your goal. Sounds too simple? I know. Let me show you what I mean. Every day in everything we do, we make a series of small decisions: decision to get out of bed, decision to eat or not to eat breakfast, decision to procrastinate... Wait! Decision to procrastinate? you've heard me correct. We decide to procrastinate, we decide to not take action, we decide to lay off the task. Now you make ask, how do I make a decision to act?

Here are some steps in how to beat the procrastination: make a series of small decisions.

Let me explain.

1. Break up your task into the smallest steps toward your goal.

2. Ask yourself what you need to do for the first step.

3. Commit doing it for 5 minutes only.

4. Envision yourself acting on step 1.

5. Celebrate your success.

Now you are a step ahead toward your goal!

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